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Elections - Opinion - July 8, 2020

Yele Omogunwa: Just This One Seat?

What you say today stands for you tomorrow. Let us be careful in vituperations. Tomorrow is so close. I need to ask if we must kill ourselves because someone wants to be governor? Let us learn from experiences.

Well Am sure Ondo State is not ready for a change otherwise the multitude of its my-turn would not have been this dance of the blinds.

 The screening will take place, result will be published, appeal will give final nod and only one of them will become the flag bearer. Then after who eventually becomes has become, the game would therefore be more dynamic.

Can we say Mr. Governor is the only pro anti party man amongst the Aspirants. How are we sure anti party is not in the constitution of the All Progressive Congress APC?  For now, let us forget the abominable but perhaps saliently approved item and campaign for your choice and not bitter hatred for Aketi alone.

Can we say Agbo the Deputy Governor is not deeply involved in it? They say he is a big plus to the People’s Democratic Party PDP, perhaps anti party is equally entrenched in her Constitution.  Everybody carry go.

Before you accused me of favouritism, is my person, Jimi Odimayo not an arrow head and active anti party professional in the South Senatorial District of Ondo State who spent fortune on AA but now aspiring to be governor under APC? I wish all the Runners record breaking success. If AA had won then, there wouldn’t have  been this mad rush in APC. The real campaign shall soon start by His grace.

All Progressives Party is my party but not the only party in Ondo State. I see alignment and re – alignments after the Primary Election. In APC, some Aspirants would join forces with whoever becomes but not all their supporters would follow. All Owo Aspirants are likely to close ranks with the slogan of, ‘Omo wa saa ni,’ if eventually Aketi wins at the primary.

Some would follow Agbo in case he becomes PDP candidate perhaps there are no good or governorship candidates amongst them before his adventure back to the party. Many would remain in APC to disgrace Agbo but if any other aspirant emerges in PDP some would move to support PDP and nothing shall happen

PDP is most formidable in the south because of the sound foundation laid by the then leader late governor Olusegun Agagu.

In case the right personified emerges, APC could not match her with a divided house. Let me ask, ‘Is anybody going to contest in AA?


All APC must close ranks, forget the past and synergize for the success of the party or at least two must work together from South and North because some aspirants would be so disappointed that to raise any voice would be meaningless, their inflated egos would have departed them.

If two must work together who are the two? Your guess please.

The Fear of PDP:

Let me take you to recent past. I contested under PDP in 2015 to the Senate and won even when the all ambitious Agboola Ajayi took me to Court and the battle  went as far as Supreme Court yet I won.

Did I win because of my popularity? Recall that the power that be then commanded all Labour Party members to PDP. I was the only Candidate amongst the three that won and I was the poorest when it came to finances.

Just because PDP was strong. Even when Agbo Ajayi the only politician that must be known in the South worked against my aspiration with all his powers known and unknown, yet God proved him wrong.

In the Central district, Sen Akinyelure lost in 2015. Dr Bode Olajumoke also lost from the North. Are these two not political giants with enough resources? But me, poor me with nothing won. This is to prove that PDP must be watched.

The regret I have is to have left the party in a bid to work for Aketi. That is by the way not that PDP would have given me a return ticket for a second term because they didn’t give it to the House of Representative member representing Okitipupa / Irele. Fed Constituency who stood with the party to the end.

But the joy would have been not wasting money on the election resultant of AA stuff. In the last Federal Election, we are all aware of the result.  PDP won two Senate seats; South and Central and won  for Atiku.

In conclusion, APC should start mending the fences right away and go into the election as a team. Note that there could be alignments and realignments result I cannot predict. Let’s have forgiven heart. Note that Anti party could be waived aside. Don’t joke with the opposition party. 

Two prominent gladiators in the race must come together to salvage the dwindling fortune of APC. The two that must work together in case you want to know in my estimation should be Chief Olusola Oke SAN and the man of the moment Rotimi Akeredolu SAN or any one aspirant from the North. 

It has to be give and take. “In dey my house jeje; You can come after me for speaking out.” I do not owe any person for speaking. Expecting your barrage of abuses. Am used to it.

Good day and see you after the primary Election

Sen Yele Omogunwa.

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