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What you should know about Union of Ikale Indigenes (UOII)

Union of Ikale Indigenes (UOII) is open to male and female Sons and Daughters of Ikale origin by birth home and in Diaspora.

UOII came to existence recently at the instance of the after effect of the Court Judgement delivered by the former Chief Justice of Ondo State, Hon. Justice Akeredolu, which/who awarded about 98% of the land in dispute to Ikale in a court case instituted by Araromi Obu people against Ikale for about twelve years before judgement was delivered.

From formation, the Aims and Objectives of UOII are:

  • To positively re- orientate and project Ikale Communities in all areas of human endeavor to the attainment of global recognition.
  • To serve as a modern day forum for the collection/assemblage of Ikale elites to brainstorm and fashion out developmental ideas to enhance a globalized Ikale Community.
  • To initiate and implement sociocultural, economic, political, spiritual and technological innovations and propositions capable of uplifting the Ikale man to National and global realisation.
  • To forster the required unity amongst Ikale Nationals, cognizance of the various stratas of the society to ensure the deliberate attainment of cultural and social upliftment of entire Ikale history.
  • Above all, UOII is a non political Association, registered with CAC and would act as one of the mouth piece of Ikale Nation in the capacity of a Non Governmental Organization (NGO).

Membership is open to all.

Membership by official registration:

PAID registered members are entitle to copies of the document(s) of the Association and equally entitled to be listed on the main WhatsApp social Platform.

Meeting is important for all on the need to actualise the afore stated objectives of the body.

The Association meets once every month.
Meetings are held under the auspices of the Royal fathers of various communities.

UOII Meetings started at the Palace of HRM, Oba G B Faduyile, the Abodi of Ikale Land and have gone through the Palaces of HRM The Obatuga of Idepe, HRM The Halu of Aye Kingdom, HRM The Odogbo of Omi, HRM The Ahaba of of Ajagba.

Meeting has been held and hosted by the Ikale in Ago Alaye and Agirifan Communities as well as Ikales in BigRoad axis all in Odigbo Local Govt. Area.

The last meeting held in September was hosted by HRM The Oniju of Iju Odo, where in attendance were the representatives of Oba and the Ikale from Ayede/Ayila in Ogun State, represented by the Adele of Ayede High Chief Olamoju.

The next meeting of the association comes up on Sunday 17th October, 2021 at the Palace of HRH, High Chief Olarewaju Ayeromara, the Regent of Ode Irele.

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