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Top Stories - November 18, 2021

Untold Stories of the contributions of Gen Olu Bajowa

Prince Olu Bajowa (Gen) is a proud  Ikale man and a Prince of the soil, born at Igbotako, in Osooro Kingdom, which is his  hometown.

This news medium has made a genuine and thorough investigation on the contributions of this  great Trojan towards the development of his community and other Ikale communities. 

This piece is to  beseech the ill – informed modern generations of Ikale indigenes who engage in blackmail against their own, trending in the social media, to try and improve on the modest contributions of community made by those they presumably classify as “Agba ko ma se”, rather than casting aspersions in a bid to disrespect and rubbish the dignified efforts of the Elders, and oil their own ego by pulling other people down with “PhD” (Pull him Down) syndrome, and character assassination!

General Olu Bajowa Joined the Nigerian Army in 1960 at a relatively young age of 20 years and retired as Major-General in 1980 (41 years ago), at a prime age of 40 years, after 20 years of meritorious service to our nation Nigeria. he was never a politician nor ever held an elected political appointment. He was a career professional officer, as a soldier on merit and not by the vote of electorates, with political promises.

From our investigation, General Olu Bajowa’s influence and contributions to community development were apparent in the establishments of:

  1.  Lubokun Comprehensive High School Igbotako,  
  2.  Community Grammar School Igbotako, 
  3.  The new St Stephens Anglican Church Igbotako, 
  4.  Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria Igbotako,  
  5. Federal Science & Technology Incubator Igbotako,  
  6. Police Station at Igbotako (courtesy of IGP Kumasi), 
  7. Post Office, Medical Centre (now upgraded to General Hospital), and Electricity for Igbotako, 
  8. Nigerian Army Barracks at Okitipupa (when I was the Quartermaster-General of the Nigerian Army), 
  9. Ultra-Modern Science Library and Water Borehole at MMGS, Iju-Odo, (my Alma Mater)?,
  10.  The newly commissioned Awawa Radio 94.1FM Station, in Ayeka Kingdom, under the umbrella of Iye-Lumure Bajowa Foundation. 

In the military, he  took part in fighting the legendary 1967 “Ore Battle” (“Oleku ija Ore”), by defending the Western Region border to keep “Nigeria One”, and influenced the creation of Ondo State, by military fiat in1976. 

He  encouraged several sons and daughters of Igbotako and Ikale land to enlist into the Nigerian Army, Navy, Airforce, Police, Paramilitary, and other security services, and employment into both State and Federal Civil Services. He  equally assisted several Igbotako indigenes and Ikale people to climb the “millionaire” ladder and gave scholarships to some indigent students.

Also, for the records, Obasa Commission of Inquiry of 1976/77, zoned the Rebuja of Osooro kingship to Ilutitun, but Igbotako was preferred (courtesy of the Military Regime).  

Disappointingly, Igbotako lost the Headquarters of Ikale West Local Government Area (LGA), in favour of Okitipupa LGA, due to brinkmanship and technical reasons according to our findings. 

“The Committee of Four” – Omosho Club (Famodun, Arikawe, Akinnurun and Bajowa), worked in concert with him , on most of the above Community Development projects, for Igbotako. 

Presently, and similarly to the Ikale Vs Araromi Obu Settlers land case which challenged Ikale heritage, and his  initiative during the Ikale Covid 19 Palliatives, He was  the vanguard for the 10 billion Naira Fund-raising, for the rehabilitation of Ikale land, after the dastardly hijacked ENDSARS peaceful protests, which left several government owned facilities and private properties in ruins.

Unfortunately, some of our people, due to lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6), wrongly nursed high expectations from career public officers, both in the civil and military services, for community development, as opposed to elected politicians who control government funds, and business gurus who have free access to Bank loans, for community development.  

Ethically, “public officers (civil and military) do not make noise like politicians.

However, in a Face to face chat  with him, he said , “he dare any Igbotako personality who held political and public offices or appointments, except Chief Olu Akinfosile of blessed memory, to publish his or her contributions that has positively impacted the lives of our people, and promote community development of Igbotako, Osooro, Ikale, Ondo State and indeed Yoruba race and Nigeria, that surpassed his noble and patriotic contributions.”

Presently, Prince Dr (Gen) Olu Bajowa, OFR is the Jagunmolu of Ikale Land, the Ojagbulegun from the Source and the distinguished Oluomo of Ikale land.

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