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Opinion - June 26, 2020

Shapeless Face of Ondo State Chapter of APC – Sen. Yele Omogunwa

Come to think of it, the party is swimming in a terrible political Ocean Waves without direction ready to capsize in the belly of the Ocean Shark. Disorder everywhere because of inflated ego and leadership failure. Where does the party go from here? Only God knows!

We do not want Aketi; he is this and that yet no any organised formidable force against him. All na mouth and false assumptions. H E Olanusi  postulated but  the eventual result is failure because of ego or deceptive Villa ship endorsement. Endorsement upon endorsement. Let’s see where the endorsement would take the Endorsees who claim they are foundation members and constitution drafting  of APC to in the final analysis.

Recall a Committee was put in place to recommend one of the ten Aspirants  for support of Unity Group. They – all ten; openly with their God given mouth pledged to support whoever was recommended. All are qualified though.

But, the question is could a sane Committee recommend the ten of them for a single position?

Am aware that a particular Aspirant stood to remind us that they have all agreed to support any of them that could be recommended. After the recommendation of Chief Olusola Oke, SAN the heaven was let loose. What I can not say is if Chief Oke SAN has not been recommended perhaps he could have equally join them or not.

My respect goes to Hon. Kazeem for standing and keeping to his words. Same to another very gentle man of substance. Many of them ate their words and turned coats claiming excuses they could not prove. The question is: Is Chief Olusola Oke not one of them? Is he not qualified with his wealth of experiences? Did the Committee committed error? Where is the Integrity they claim to have, where is their pride? The field is open and the game has started.

Is Aketi not better than them except for his reckless approach and that he is not getting it right because of classic that is peculiar to him as a human?

The best of my estimation is there are only 3 serious Aspirants in APC. They are Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN , Chief Olusola Alexander Oke and D. I. Kekemeke. But we must think beyond Primary Election.

Expectations are:

1. One or two aspirants could collaborate

2. Some APC members would move to vote opposition and

3. New parties could emerge.

HOW?  Those desperate aspirants who believe in self must contest and win otherwise they are not worth a credibility and popularity the claim. They must look for a vacant political party to contest and win  the general election as they claim popularity and await the consequences. A man who pledged loyalty yesterday and claim disloyalty today could not be governor, could not be taken for his words, could not be said to be reliable.  Just watch them go into political oblivion.

I once told them that Unity Group would join history or make history. Today the group has joined history by going the way of the failed previouses.

Good luck to all the Aspirants. Am watching with eagle eyes and laughing.

Am protected by the Constitution and would talk on Jagaban Soon. Still in the study room with my political lenses.

Sen Yele Omogunwa again.

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