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Condolence - May 12, 2020

SA Mibiola

SA Mibiola was a retired Permanent Secretary from the employ of Ondo State. He passed on a few days ago. He was about 70 years.

The problem of life is that man is also confronted, on a daily basis, with the problem of death. No one wishes to die, voluntarily. Not even soldiers, unless in the course of duty, when death becomes inevitable. For those
who savour the allure of Heaven as part of religious or spiritual beliefs, it’s worse. They want to go to Heaven without passing through the gate of Death. It’s one of the dilemmas of our time, of humanity.

Unfortunately, no one has yet solved the problem or been able to avoid the incidence of death, at times, even when we see it coming: in utter helplessness, the Bible talks of the dead burying the dead. The Quoran, of man, all men, tasting of death. In each case, the words of the Scriptures are not advisory, they are a warning to the living, lest in a moment of forgetfulness, we fail to realize where we are all headed! The past generations, the present and the next!

Simon Adekunle Mibiola served his State, the land and the people, from the time he graduated from the University up and to the time he retired as a Permanent Secretary, some years ago. He was, perhaps, the most quiet or humble of his generation but certainly the most grateful person for God’s little mercies in his life. He loved his family and spoke proudly about the academic exploits of his children who drove him on social outings in his vehicle, anytime they were home. In the alternative, his dutiful and equally competent wife would take over the steering!

Kunle – as we all choose to call him – was here yesterday. He won’t come again, today or tomorrow. Not anymore! To all men, the words of Thomas Gray, in ‘Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard’ :

The boast of herald’ry, the pomp of pow’r
And all that beauty, all that wealth ever gave
Await alike the inevitable hour
The path of glory leads but to the grave

Adieu, friend.

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