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Opinion - December 28, 2020

Road Traffic Crash (RTC) and accident

It is a common and ignorant assertion, accident occurs unprepared, It is something one has no control over. On the other hand, RTC which is commonly referred to as accident isn’t happening unnoticed. Majority of them were caused by human error.

A drunk driver who drank to stupor and lost his comportment while on the wheel, if involved in a crash won’t have the conscience to say it happened accidentally.

A careless driver with passion for driving against traffic (One way) direction has no justification calling the end result an accident.

Operating vehicles with obviously worn out tyres with excessive loads has a way of resorting to crashes and the operator knows that there could be tyre bust anytime.

Managing vehicle’s braking system on a journey do resort to road traffic crashes and can never be an accidental occurrence.

Using phone while driving could distract the driver in many ways, some of those messages you get on phone while on a journey that demands stable state of mind could be unpleasant calls with tendencies of one loosing his or her mind temporarily while driving on the highways. Such news could trigger crashes and it’s not by any means an accident.

It is important we know that all accidents are incident but not all incidents are accident. Prepare for your journey and get used to your vehicle to ascertain likely faults that capable of truncating smooth journey.

Happy New Year in advance to everyone, may we not be victim of Road Traffic Crashes.

Asiwaju cares!

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