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A Tribute to His Imperial Majesty, Oba Gbadebo Bajowa, Lubokun the IV, The Rebuja of Osooro at 45th years on the Throne

By Dr Jimoh Ibrahim Ph.D. (Cantab), MSc (Oxford) CFR.

Is Rebuja in coalition with power, or is power coalition with Rebuja? We asked because administration appears to be nothing to the Rebuja of Osooro, unlike the ‘Catholic monarchs’ Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain (1479– 1516), who expelled 170,000 Jews who refused their order to be ‘baptized.’ Henry VIII of England (1491–1547) imprisoned and executed those who would not sign his Act of Supremacy establishing the English monarch as head of the Church of England, including even his ‘good friend’ Thomas More Louis XIV of France (1638-1715). Repeatedly resulted in internal violence (repressive taxation, pillage, military subjugation, etc.) Against those provinces that opposed his centralizing policies. So, to the kings who know that Rex est imperator in Regno suo – ‘the king is emperor in his own realm’ became the motto of the age.

The Rabuja differed praxis and taxonomy of the realist depiction of power politics. (Apologies to Thucydides) And will not accept the realist tendencies of the great dynastic families of Europe-Tudor, Valois, Bourbon, Hapsburg, Wittelsbach, Hohenzollern, Savoy, Romanov, and so forth. – who were motivated by territory, wealth, prestige, and power. The driving force was to consolidate and, wherever possible, extend their dynastic possessions, including political power, interest, and wealth. In any event, war, conquest. Power diplomacy is not out of their strategic engagements
Rebuja holds nothing to himself, and if possible, he will grant autonomy to any community that requests it. His principle of ‘let go, let God’ is new to contemporary history and our trajectory of historical account. It is a condemnable praxis to some but a destructive or incremental innovation of the traditional hegemonic taxonomy as we know it. To Rabuja, the classic behavior and approach to the hegemonic environment is a matter of time as the contemporary development or praxis sees some of the hardline classical approaches as repugnant to the principle of natural justice, equity, and good conscience. What is essential to Rabuja is the unity of the Osooro Kingdom, for which he owns no apologies.

In the last 45 years, what cannot be talked away from him is development, incremental innovation, expansion, and gradually noticeable Osooro Kingdom as a modern society. His liberal thoughts contain collaborative praxis, and once we have ‘light,’ Rabuja would have left behind 500 years of development that no record can overrun.
The liberalist sees the engagement of democratic peace. Like Grotian, the Rebuja holds seriously that worldview belief, that community development is rooted in natural law theory, that there exists one universal standard of morality against which the behavior of communities could be measured- all speaking to Kent perpetual peace. Rebuja works to maximize the power, wealth, or security of the Osooro land. He will long remember for his socialization and desire to cover the credibility power gap associated with power democracies.
Forty-five years still counting, His Imperial Majesty Oba Gbadebo Bajowa Lubokun the IV The Rebuja of Osooro will rewrite the history of development and his desire for youths’ success in Osooro land. He never minds what the classic people will think of him. At least the young shall grow.

Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim holds a PhD degree from the University of Cambridge and a Master of science from University of Oxford. He is from Igbotako in Ondo State.

You can reach Dr Jimoh Ibrahim on his University of Cambridge live email: İfj21@cantab.ac.uk.

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