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Birthdays - Profile - February 2, 2021

Profiling Dr. Akinbiola Sunday, the Chairman, Hero Magazine International

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Not yielding readily to fatigue, patriotic, unassuming but a role model, these are words perhaps best to describe, Dr. Akinbiola Sunday, a Medical personnel and Public Relations Expert. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Publisher of THE HERO magazine International and the Medical Director of Molardent Dental Prostheses and Restorative Centre. He is currently the Director General of the Hero Foundation for Widows in Ondo State where he gives over 300 bags of RICE  Yearly to the Widows  .

The eagle is a rare bird and each generation, as they say is blessed with a few. Dr. Akinbiola Sunday could be likened to a rare powerful bird because he remains one of the selected few in the medical filed to dabble into unrelated field where he is excelling well. As a Dental Prosthetist, he remains a man of towering stature among his professional colleagues with total commitment to excellence, greatness and caring heart leadership and dexterous style.

Dr. Akinbiola Sunday is not only respected for his medical and media exploits but also admired for always giving sound ideals towards making life more meaningful to the people. If life is all about wisdom, experience, sense of proportion in all things and at all times, then Dr. Akinbiola Sunday would stand tall not just among his contemporaries in the medical and media fields but also inn his home base. He founded the Hero Foundation for the widows having realized the need to give back to the people from God blessings to his life.

Dr. Akinbiola Sunday has demonstrated through his attainments in life that where there is a will, there is way. In spite of his humble beginning bemoaning from a poor family, he was resolutely determined to walk his way to the top of the ladder, thus now become a household name in the media industry. While others in his shoe will resign to fate bemoaning their destiny. This distinguished, brilliant and ever articulate young publisher rather confront the future with stoic determination and his success today is a testimony to his irrepressible will to succeed.

The Chairman/publisher, Hero Ventures international Limited, publisher of the Hero magazine international, founder of the Hero foundation for widows where he gives empowerments to the less privileges’ in the society and medical Director, Molardent Dental Prosthetics and Restorative centre. As a Publisher, he has produced over 300 bi- monthly magazine editions and over 50 special editions including biographical books on notable personalities ,this singular fact gave him the acconyms  as Publisher. Hero Titles.

Dr. Akinbiola Sunday is a native of Irele, in Irele local Government area of Ondo State. Born February 2nd to a Royal Family of Chief Joseph Akinbiola from Opetusin Dynasty about 46Years ago.

He started his elementary primary school at the Apostolic primary school, Ode-Irele in the late 70s and later proceeded to Unity school, in Ode-Aye for his post-primary Education [J.S.S] he left Unity secondary school in 1990 for his secondary school education and was made the senior prefect from ss2 to SS3 due to his brilliant performances at examinations. He had the best result in S.S.3 examination in the entire Irele Local Government in 1992 with 8 distinctions,  and one credit. He wrote his UM.E examination that same  year  and got admission into Obafemi  Awolowo University, Ile-Ife to study Dental surgery in1993 and has a stints of OAU before later proceeded to school of Dentistry, Enugu for his dental prosthetic course as his destiny demands and had the best overall result in Dental theorectical practice and maxillofacial prosthesis(Bachelor in Dental Practice), he was representing the faculty of health sciences in seminars, debate competitions. He was the first medical student to   produce a journal then called “student  Dental Journal” He has received awards from several organizations and the faculty for his ability to combine Medical research load with Public Relations of which he was  the  Publisher.

He’s the organizer of the yearly ,Ondo State Man of the Year, Ekiti state Man of the year, Osun state man of the year and Ogun state man of the year. He’s equally the organizer of Ikale Oluomo Awards and Yoruba Female Role Model Awards.

Dr. Akinbola Sunday in his quest for more experience in the public relation work, he Travelled to Mount Alison University, Ontario, Canada to study Arts and public Relations in 2004, after he had worked briefly with smile Dental Hospital, Abuja in 2002 to 2004. He has masters in Public Relations and Advertising at the International Institute of Journalism,Abuja . He is a Member of Nigeria Institute of Public Relations,NIPR and also Member, Newpapers Publishers Association of Nigeria.

He’s in  the Board of Directors of Mobility Worldwide where handicapped all over the world are being empowered with Mobility Aids.  He co-anchors South Africa and Texas on yearly basis in Mobility Partnering,  Reason he’s often on tours.

He is undergoing a course currently in Public Relations as a Correspondence from London  University.

He  is happily married and blessed with four children including a twin [a boy & a girl]

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