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Politics of Media Aids and the distribution of the Youths future political careers in Nigeria

The reason behind this article is not to score a cheap political recognition nor to attack the media aids of the political office holders but to educate and address the pressing issues which the media aids of the politicians are engaged with on social medias.

There’s every reason for an employee to defend his employer especially when you are an appointed personnel, but what happens when over zealous occurs in the name of defensive mechanism? What happens when one meddles with another person’s private life instead of the office of defense which you are to protect?

What is politics?

Politics can be defined as the activities of the members of the society struggling to get or acquire political power, use power and maintain the power.

Does everyone see politics like that? The answer is NO, if you ask average Africans about the definition of politics their answers would be,

 “politics is a dirty game”

Their answers came as a result of the people (actors) in the corridors of power, they have abused the office due to their selfish interest yet they are been praised by their media aids who sing hosanna hosanna to their demigod all in the name of defending their their pay master.

This particular strategy has been employed by all the politicians in the world as a defensive mechanism but Africa/Nigeria has a different case.

How does the Marxist pensive politics?.

Marxism is a method of socioeconomic analysis that views class relations and social conflict using a materialist interpretation of historical development and takes a dialectical view of social transformation. It originates from from the works of 19th century German philosopher Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.


Society according to the Marxist  are divided into two groups “the Haves” and “the Have nots”

The haves which one known as the bourgeoises tries as much as possible to control the happenings in the society, they control the economy, the politics and the masses through their enormous wealth but can not control the air that we breath, these has made most of their missions unaccomplished because they wished they could control the existence of the mankind and their final destination.

NOTE: It is every Elites dream to control the super structure of every living being.

From the view points of the Marxist, you will understand why an educated poor man can be employed and lured into defending mediocre due to daily bread.

The bourgeoises fears the educated people more than the they fear barrels of gun, this is because the educated people holds the key to the freedom of the masses by educating the masses how to be free from the shackles of the elites (haves).

As a media aid your sole purpose in your job is to defend your pay master at the expense of the masses which you once piped low to ask for their support during electoral campaign, you offered them peanuts and praises coupled with fake promises now you have abandoned them to defend mediocre.

Is this really the work of a media aid?

The answer is NO

Media assistant responsibilities included (a) providing administrative and clerical support.,

(b) help build rapport with clients and media outlets,.

(c) assisting in implementing, monitoring and troubleshooting media projects.

Who is a media aid?

A media aid is a social professional who helps oversees a company’s or clients social media presence. In this job, you may work for a  company or in a marketing firm that serves many clients.

Now having read and understand the meaning and responsibilities of the media aid, you will wonder where political media aids in Nigeria/Ebonyi state derives their motivation from.

Most political media aids have killed the political careers of their boss because of lack of knowledge, most of them can not even engage you in a constructive argument without insult.

What surprises me is that majority of the aggressive or better tout media aids came from a poor family background, a background that still crave for square meal in a day.

We grew up singing a popular song

” parents listing to your children

we are the leaders of tomorrow

try and pay our school fees

and give us sound education”.

How can a young graduate degenerate into a mere psychopath all in the name of media aid, to all media aids, the way you have turned yourself into an object of a mere ridicule is that the way dreamt to make a better society? Do you prefer to make more enemy than friends in the society?.

In order words, your job is to market your boss, state those achievements that he has accomplished as a serving or served representative, it is your duty to welcome every criticism because it will help you to draw your new framework and tackle those areas which your boss is lagging.

Most times I have wondered how some of the media aids are being hired, but after much plundering I got my answers withing myself. It is because their employers are not different from them.

David Easton, defined politics as the authoritative allocation of values while Harold Laswell defined politics as Who gets What, How, When and When.

This are Libra scholars in the context of politics, from their definition you will understand that the political office holders especially the elected ones are answerable to their constituents or subjects.

As a media aid you dare not question a person who is asking his representative for intervention. It is their right to even recall a legislative member who they felt have failed to deliver.

The issue of insulting a personality all in the name of defending your boss is uncalled for. It is your responsibility to clear every doubt of your subject who questions or ask for accountability from your boss office. Insulting a personality who can change the the poor condition of your family to a better one is the hight of insult to the masses all in the name of political or party affiliation.

I understand that you are undergoing a process of political apprenticeship in order to learn how to oppress the masses when your time comes, my dear you are getting it wrong. People are awaken from sleep, if you think that political system of Africa/Nigeria or your state will remain stagnant, that would be your highest and worst assumption and it will lead to regrets. You will be disappointed.

Can I take you back to history  our African nationalists who fought the freedom of Africans from the shackles of the colonial masters were young graduates like us. They did not join forces with their colonial masters against their own own people rather they sort means of liberating Africa.

Do you think that they did not come from a poor family background, in fact most of them schooled under the scholarship from their oppressors, but they did not abandon their people. You with a little peanut, you have forsaken your brothers and sisters in the name of willing influence.

One good thing about social media is that it does not forget, immediately you post people will save it for future references.

I believe the saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely and a friend in power is a friend lost.

Say what you can proof because what you say might be used  against you when the time comes.

As for me every media aid is ought to go for media training and journalism to curtail this social media nuisance.

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