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Take Aways - May 14, 2020

Politicization of Chief Of Staff Office

When Asiwaju Bola Tinubu released his needless Press Statement yesterday congratulating the newly appointed Chief Of Staff, COS to the President, Professor Gambari, I realized the APC government might not be in position to effect the needed change, afterall!

Even during the era of the ousted PDP’s lousy government, the office of Chief Of Staff was virtually unknown and operated in utmost secrecy. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s Chief Of Staff, General Abdullahi Mohammed was there throughout his two-terms of Office, and was quitely retained by the late President Umaru Yardua’s administration without any fuss or fanfair. The only power grabber during that era was the willy Babagana Kingibe and he was promptly dismissed by the President.

President Jonathan initially appointed Mike Oghiadomhe,( his friend and old colleague as Deputy Governor), he later replaced him quietly in 2014 with General Jones Oladeinde Arogbofa when Yorubas’ protest against Marginalisation by that administration was almost getting out of hands. And nobody, not even the Yorubas were excited by the appointment.

It’s high time APC should get their acts together. President Buhari almost outsourced his Presidency to the late Mallam Aba Kyari, the attendant internal battles the action generated, and the resultant consequences like subjecting the Ministry of Health to the indignity of making its procurement through the Ministry of Agriculture because of personal vendetta are issues that shouldn’t be allowed to reoccur again.

The office of the the VP should be given its due power and authority. Professor Gambari should be told that he’s Chief Of Staff to the President, and not the Vice President. He was appointed and not elected.

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