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Elections - Opinion - June 23, 2020

Ondo 2020: Extracting the Good and Bad sides of APC Popular Aspirants

It is no more news that the ruling APC will Conduct Primary Elections in Ondo-State in a couple of weeks.

Different individuals have shown interests through the collection of Expression of Interest Forms, and subsequently obtainment of Nomination Forms to contest the Primaries. These two steps are the highest level of seriousness you can see in any Aspirant, which is capable of convincing their followers of their Commitments, Seriousness, Financial Capabilities and Consistencies to their Aspirations.

However, these Aspirants are not without Characters and Traits that can be classified as good and or bad. These Characters and Traits, if well x-rayed, are capable of giving directions to the electorate and even the Political Parties, in selecting their Candidates for General Elections.

Taking APC as a Political Party, we will be extracting the known and verifiable characteristic traits of the three Most Famous Aspirants –

1.Governor Rotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, SAN,

2. Prince  Okunjimi John Odimayo, GMD/CEO, Arowolo Group of Companies

3. Chief Olusola Oke, SAN.

The Political indices used by us to determine the seriousness and otherwise of an Aspirants proved Engr. Ife Oyedele and Mr. Adelami Olayide Owolabi far behind the aforementioned three Aspirants hence the need to do much about how far they can go.

Governor Rotimi Odunayo Akeredolu:

He is a well lettered individual, trained as a Lawyer from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He had served as Attorney-General of Ondo-State; he was once the National President of Nigeria Bar Association; and currently he is a Governor of Ondo State.

The experience alone is enough to reconsider Aketi for second term in office but his antecedents in these experienced areas must be considered, analyzed and needed conclusion drawn to guide the populace.

Though the public opinion on the financial rascality of Akeredolu as NBA President was alarming, his infrastructural performances as Governor cannot be ruled out, except for the same financial rascality being repeated in his Position as a Governor, which goes in accordance with his story in NBA.

If this Financial mess, which involved Father, Mother and Child must be corrected, a Red Card must be issued to AKETI so as to help Ondo-State from going into insolvency.

It is in the know of the public that under the watch of the Governor,  his wife, Betty and son, Babajide, are the individuals controlling the Government Contracts and Procurement Processes in the State, which the People of Sunshine State are not hiding their expression of sadness from. Voting him out is more of a Rescued Mission to Ondo-State.

Prince Okunjimi John Odimayo:

He is an organizational building and restructuring expert; he functions as the Managing Director and Chief Executive officer of Arowolo Group of Companies. Mr. Odimayo started his career with Acorn Petroleum Plc, where he proved his proficiency in financial administration and crisis management. He has also functioned in various capacities in the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sub-sectors of the industry, working with various oil companies including Somerset Energy and Bellpoint Energy. Jimi has Consulted in the Midstream operations of Addax & Oryx Group serving as a Liaison between the company and the Nigerian Government and regulatory authorities. His contribution was helpful in making the relatively unknown company quickly become a more visible and competitive entity in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

These tours of duty in the industry have exposed Jimi to the full intricacies of the oil and gas industry and made him well grounded in the operations of the sector. Jimi, as a professional and entrepreneur, has the uncanny ability to remain focus on the task at hand in spite of any distraction or challenges encountered. His professional career has been enriched with his attendance of several professional training and courses in Nigeria and Abroad. Educated at Nigeria’s foremost higher institution, Yaba College of Technology and the University of Liverpool, from where he gets his Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance.

He is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and the Nigerian Institute of Shippers.

Mr. Odimayo was a Member of the Commerce and Industry Sub-group of the Transitional Committee that prepared the Socio-Economic Blueprint of the Akeredolu Administration in the State. His vision and dream are to develop and nurture an institution with series of profitable businesses and a “too big to fail” status has helped shape the growth of Arowolo Group, his personal Business.

Considering the serialized experiences of Prince Jimi Odimayo, he can best be described as being Educated, exposed, competent, proactive and focus. Managing Financial, Human and Infrastructural Resources are no more strange activities to him.

The involvement of Prince Jimi Odimayo in Financing and Mobilizing for the Success of the Political activities that birthed President Mohammadu Buhari (2015 & 2019) and Governor Akeredolu (2016) in Ondo-State is a story for another day.

A young and dynamic youth of below 40 Years of age. His emergence as the Governor of Ondo-State will go a long way to prove the seriousness and Commitment of President Buhari to Not-too-Young-to-Run Bill signed recently.

Jimi Odimayo is unlike other Aspirants, whose their Financial Status contributed to their Recklessness in handling Public Funds. He has handled Billions in Business, he can handle the State Resources to move to the next Level. No wonder the Youths, Market women and Senator Ajayi Borofice gave him a Clean Bill of Health for him to become the Governor of Ondo-State.

Chief Olusola Oke, SAN:

He is a Legal Practitioner of note. He joined Olufemi Lanlehin and Co., a law firm in Ikeja, Lagos in 1987 from there, he moved to Okitipupa to establish Olusola Oke and Associates in July 1988.

He served as the National Legal Adviser of PDP, after he had served as NDDC Commissioner; he practiced law to its fullest which thus birthed his rank of SAN.

For Experiences, Education and Public Appeal, Oke can be said to be okay as Governor except for his characters of turning Politics to business Venture, and abandonment of Political followers after every contest.

Supporters of Chief Sola Oke in 2012 were not with him in 2016; his supporters in 2016 are not with him now in 2020. His followers perceived him as using politics to raise money hence his consistency in contesting every election.

A case study was the two gigantic buildings he bought in Abuja after 2012 and 2016 Ondo Governorship Election respectively.

Chief Olusola Oke only believes in his ambition alone. He is noted not to be bordered about the aspirations of his followers as ON  YOUR OWN (OYO) is always their cases anytime they run for elections.


To consider the best fit, age must be used as a Parameter. Reasons why most Nigerian Politicians Fail to perform is because of age. They are older than the task at hands. They steal while in Positions because age does not permit them to aspire further. A young Entrepreneur like Prince Jimi Odimayo, who has managed personal Billions in Business, has no reason to steal. He will perform because of his age, so that he can approach the people back for a better future. “Jimi Odimayo, a Governor Ondo-State needs.”

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