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Uncategorized - August 27, 2020

Ogunleye sends SOS on Ogbonjagbara culvert along Ode Aye

Greetings to all sons and daughters of Ode Aye.

I humbly wish to draw the attention of FODA, ODA and other reliable and responsible Ode Aye indigenous Associations to a serious life-threatening and pressing issue facing us.

You will agree with me that the culvert in OGBONJAGBARA area along the road to Ode Aye is in a bad shape and needs a serious and urgent attention and I believe it can easily be fixed now before it becomes worse.

Consequently, I wish to suggest that:
1) Our brother, particularly Omowole Omogoroye be mandated to invite our own local engineers to look into and recommend way to getting the culvert repaired.
2) To do costing (budget) of the entire culvert project.
3) Send us the details of an account through which the project can be funded.

However, any alternative suggestion is gladly welcome, so far as it will lead to solving the lingering issue at hand.

The main motive behind my suggestion is to see to it that the culvert problem is solved now before it becomes more serious and pose a threat to human lives. Thank you.

Ogunleye Oluwasegun Michael mnim. 08034756501.

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