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Take Aways - July 23, 2020

My take aways on the Nigerian Governors' Forum NGF

Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has been the only President that has been able to tame that body so far.  Unfortunately too, the same willy Obasanjo inadvertently empowered them by not only asking them to produce his successor, but by chosen one of them to succeed him.

Chief James Ibori virtually held Yardua’s captive. He donated to him Michael Aondoakaa as Justice Minister and Attorney General of the federation.

Senator Bukola Saraki totally politicised the body. NGF’s became so powerful under him as the Chairman that they almost became another “government” to themselves. It was during that period they had a formal structure, and DG to boot.

Yardua’s illness further lionised them and together with the leadership of the national assembly, they gave the country the doctrine of necessity…And with Jonathan in the saddle as President, the Nigerian Government Forum became the “most beautiful bride”.

Who would have thought that Dr. Kayode Fayemi the incumbent Chairman of the body would subscribe to the on-going anti democratic activities in Ondo state?

The man is fast becoming a dealer and facilitator of evil democratic practices. He’s now the arrowhead of barefaced robbery of people’s franchise. So sad.

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