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Take Aways - April 28, 2020

Excuses on Ondo south electricity becoming lamentations

Engr. Tunji L’ght Ariyomo’s appointment as Senior Adviser to the Governor on Energy (I thought it was public utilities), gave some of us hope and confident that Aketi’s Government really meant serious business as Ariyomo’s antecedents during Agagu’s Administration attested to his competence and brilliant Manager of government resources.

It’s one thing to be given a portfolio and it’s another thing to be funded and mobilised by the government. Since, I don’t know the running of the present Government, I wouldn’t know how far that “serious” Office is being funded.

However, based on some disclosure above, so far, Aketi’s government has not done enough to mitigate the pain of people from the southern senatorial district!

Most of these excuses, to some of us are becoming the normal lamentations template for successive governments, especially from Mimiko’s administration to the present one.

While Engr. Ariyomo is claiming to say ” authoritatively” about the financial closures (whatever the meaning of such phrase!), he has equally told us the helplessness of the government because of constitutional inhibition! That’s where I disagree.

State Government can no longer be hiding under some constitutional lacuna to justify some of their failure. For instance, Akeredolu’s government wouldn’t have been quoting some spurious constitutional limitations if Owo has been thrown into darkness for over ten years!

Is security not on exclusive list where federal government has absolute power? How did Amotekun eventually scale through? Have state Governors not been funding security operations somehow? What have the Governors done with their pressure group (NGF) to discuss the issues relating to power?

Meanwhile, power sector had long been unbundled into Generation, Transmission and Distribution. Which of these areas that state government are forbidden from participation? It’s high time state governments jettisoned this unhelpful display of crass incompetence especially in the areas of provisions of infrastructure that will help the private businesses to thrive.

Akeredolu knew the legal and financial implications of power, but, he promised the people of Ondo South that there will be light and we demand from him today: let there be light in Ondo South.

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