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Politics - December 1, 2020

MHR Adefisoye calls for More Work for a better nation

Read his reaction on jumbo pay for Nigerian Senators and members of Representatives

The Honorable Member representing Idanre / Ifedore Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Alhaj   Tajudeen Adeyemi Adefisoye had recently called on all Nigerian youths to come out of their comfort zones and work harder for a better and more prosperous nation and develop themselves as individuals.

Alhaj Adefisoye, who is one of the youngest law makers in the country’s National Assembly and voted on the platform of Social Democratic Party (SDP), called on Nigerians during an online interactive session recently where he featured questions from the people of his constituency, to work harder and embrace agriculture. He lamented that many Nigerians look up to them in the National Assembly to perform many responsibilities that are supposed to be performed by their local governments out of ignorance.

Hon. Adefisoye expressed unhappiness with a situation where young and old Nigerians bombard their elected political office holders with requests for financial assistances and thus leaving such law makers with little or nothing when they eventually leave offices instead of exploring avenues like agriculture to make decent and honorable living.

On the issue of “vote selling and buying”, Alhaj Adefisoye, popularly known as ‘Small Alhaj’ condemned the high level of corruption in the nation as the practice of vote trading and opined that Nigerian politics will be the better for it if the practice is barred and removed.           

In response to an issue of “jumbo pay” for Nigerian Senators and members of Representatives raised by one of the contributors, Asiwaju Wale Stephen Akinde, based in London, who compared the monthly allowances of Nigerian senators and those of their UK counterparts, he maintained that the costs of electioneering and running of offices after eventually winning elections made justify what they earn.

He gave indications that he may soon leave SDP where he is the only elected person in the House of Representatives, where he is currently the Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on Army as he maintained that he joined the SDP party on his own volition and may opt out of it soon if he wishes.

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