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Entertaiment - Letters - January 7, 2021

Melodious Voices of Evangelist Olola – Peters

It was a great opportunity to see Evangelist Olola and Evangelist Peter together in the recent jubilee anniversary celebration in Igbobini Ondo State Nigeria. The information I gathered reveal that both of them even started their lives and career from that Church. To God be the glory.

I think they must at this time realize that they must come together to give glory to God for sparing their lives and making them to still be in Christ Jesus.

Permit me to emphatically say that Evangelist Olola and Evangelist Peter were among the foremost Gospel Artists in Zion Church. In fact they were the artists that made some of us to be interested in Zion music.
Their roles in the development of gospel music can not be over emphasized, most especially in Zion music. Their brand of music included the popular album, ‘Protection (Abo)’ which tried to integrate Zion music with the general C & S music as well as Christian gospel music.

They both also played prominent role in the album produced as tribute to Baba Lene during his burial, which was led by our late dearest, Daddy Remilekun Amos.

Olola – Peters through their unique and melodious voices made the Hymns in that album to be interesting to everyone.

Moreso, another important aspect of this unique artist is the ability to project, promote and produce other gospel artists.

To verify this claim, I wish to crave your kind indulgence to listen to, ‘Mowajewo Ore’ by Late Evangelist Malato Emitayo Ikuesan, and my dearest mother, Evang. Shade Owoyemi’s albums to mention but a few.
Time may not permit me to continue with their huge achievement and immense Contributions.

But very sad that both of them just woke up one morning to say that they are not singing again or that they are not singing together again as if their visible achievements was by thier own power and knowledge.
I was even made to understand that many big and prominent gospel artists begged them, likewise many religious leaders and they turned them down.

To this end, seeing both of them together at the jubilee anniversary celebration made me come up with this write- up, to humbly make the following demand.

  1. To return to God Almighty and plead for forgiveness.
  2. To apologise to the Christian body at all levels and most especially their fans
  3. To come together in a strong and buoyant relationship better than before. As ‘Evangelist OLOLA – PETERS
  4. To release an album together again and make it sweeter and better than Protection ‘Abo’
  5. To sit down and talk and religiously express their feelings and differences to one another, apologize and accept each other’s shortcomings and hence learn to accommodate each other’s mistakes.
  6. Agree on new terms and conditions and show mutual respect to each other
  7. Remember God the creator of men and giver of all gift in all their dealings.

Let me conclude by wishing them well. It is my humble believe that their story together will surely come better, stronger and more impactful as they embrace each other from henceforth. Wish to see the name OLOLA – PETERS again.

Ogunleye Oluwasegun Michael. mnim
Abuja Nigeria

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