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Health - SPONSORED - November 17, 2020

Launch of the global strategy to accelerate elimination of cervical cancer

Remark by Her Excellency, Arabinrin, Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu.

First Lady of Ondo State, Founder, Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN), Founder, Foundation for Wives of Ondo State Officials & Female Political Appointees (FOWOSO), Member, First Ladies Against Cancer (FLAC).

Today, Nov 17, BRECAN in collaboration with FOWOSO and FLAC joins WHO and other countries to Launch the Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer. Cervical cancer is one cancer that is preventable and curable. The world has the tools to make it happen. What remains is to make the tools accessible to ALL irrespective of who you are or where you live. Let’s do this to prevent suffering and untimely deaths due to cervical cancer. You are invited to support this call to action.

Our global goals/targets: By the year 2030, all countries will achieve 90% HPV vaccination coverage, 70% screening coverage, and 90% access to treatment of cervical pre- cancer and cancer, including access to palliative care.


Make BRECAN offices/centres as one-stop shop advocacy centres for breast and cervical cancer. It will entail: raising awareness, screening, HPV vaccination, fundraising to support treatment and data collection for collaborative research.You are invited to make announcements and pledges to support this event.

The colour of the event is TEAL. Our show of support starts with the decoration the government house gate, Alagbaka, Akure and BRECAN offices/ centres nationwide in TEAL. What about you? Show us in words and deeds.

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