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Crime - April 28, 2020

Kazeem Wanted for practicing homosexuality in Oke Ayadi

Kazeem Olasunkanmi Ogundolie, a truck driver who lived a relatively private gay life in Oke Ayadi, a community in Ondo West local government area of Ondo State is currently wanted by the authority.

According to a reliable source who would not want his name on print said Kazeem who was forced by his family members to marry from his community after spending several years unmarried has brought shame to his family and community by his practice of homosexuality.

Speaking with Ikale Voice in Lagos on Sunday, the source who pleaded anonymity appears visibly angered by Kazeem’s antisocial act which has brought shame and ridicule to the community.

Trouble started when the community discovered sensitive gay clips on Ogundolie’ mobile phone and some few chats revealing his gay partner who happens to be his best friend. They were shattered.

According to the source, “We were shattered after seeing Kazeem’s pictures, chats and gay clips on his phone.

“Our community and family members got even more embarrassed and ashamed of his evil act and news went round and he was almost kill by burning down his house.

Close to death, with his body severely battered and burn marks on his body, he was rescued by some villagers and eventually transported out of the community to a private hospital where he remains in critical condition with severe injuries for days.

“He escaped with burns and severe beaten. He is currently wanted by family and authority to answer for his homosexuality crime.” the source narrated.

And yet, even this gruesome attack pales in comparison to the fatal brutality many Nigerian gay men have too often experienced in the form of lynchings or pillory with tires before they’re set on fire and burnt alive—not for terrorism or worse, but for being gay, for being human, in a desperately homophobic country.

In Nigeria, gay men are portrayed as cancers eating deeply into the fabric of society—tumors that must be obliterated. The federal Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act of 2014 says anyone found guilty of homosexuality faces up to 14 years in prison. Shari’a law, which is practiced in 12 northern states in the country imposes a penalty of death by stoning. Through these draconian laws, arbitrary arrests and extortion by the police, the Nigerian government sanctions violence against its LGBTQ+ citizens.

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