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Jimoh Ibrahim says Data analytics indicates APC will sweep Ondo South

...sheds light on the motive behind Aseyori Strategy

The billionaire business mogul and All Progressives Congress, APC Senatorial Candidate for Ondo South, Dr Jimoh Ibrahim, CFR, has shed more light on what is motivating his now famous Aseyori Strategy in an exclusive media chat with Awawa FM.

Dr Ibrahim who has hinged his Ondo South Senatorial ambition on the strategic Aseyori concept told Awawa FM that Aseyori in English simply means breakthrough, noting that the only enemy of Aseyori is anybody who doesn’t desire breakthrough.

In an exclusive media chat with Awawa FM at his office within the precinct of ‘ the Global standard ‘ Fortune University, Igbotako, Ibrahim said the results of Data analytics run on the six Local Government Areas of Ondo South showed that APC can win any election in the district, anytime, anyday, stressing however that members are not happy. He said solution to making members happy even before the election brought about the introduction of Aseyori card.

“Aseyori in English means breakthrough. It’s simple interpretation; the only enemy of Aseyori is anybody who doesn’t desire breakthrough. No sane person oppose or fight Aseyori.

” The Strategy was based on scientific research with data gathered and professionally analysed. First thing we did when I came back from Cambridge was to conduct a preliminary research to find out what’s the problem of APC if I am to run a successful election in Ondo South.

” We did a survey and unscheduled interview, going round the six Local Government Areas. Our findings was that APC can win elections in all the 66 wards of Ondo South, coasting effortlessly to victory in all of the six Local Government Councils any time, any day. That’s what the available data showed.

” But our members were not happy; that’s the grey area the data showed. So , what do we do? We decided to find solution to the grievances of our members and make them happy even before the election and that’s how we arrived at the Aseyori Strategy with the Aseyori Card which purpose is to identify members, relate with them one on one through the instrumentality of the card, distribute gifts and benefits that will cut across members with an assurance that both gains of patronage and empowerment will cascade down to all members who identify with the Aseyori card as an insignia of identification and loyalty to the Aseyori Strategy,” Dr Ibrahim enthused.

The Araba of Ikaleland said with the benefits of the package embedded in the Aseyori card released to members, 90 percent of the grievances on ground were taken care of and party members are looking forward to entrenching the Aseyori further with their massive votes at the polls to consolidate on the huge benefits and empowerment that their Senator hopeful will provide as patronage for them all through the 4 years in the Senate.

Jimoh Ibrahim said it is bunkum argument for anybody to think Aseyori card is meant to manipulate election, saying the electoral act as amended and the use of Biometric voters accreditation system, BVAS has taken care of that and anyone still assuming election in Nigeria can still be subjected to manipulation is living in the analog years of the better forgotten past.

” You know it beats me how anyone in recent time can argue blindly that Aseyori card is meant to rig election ( laughs….) such argument shows the person is behind time and is not conversant with the realities of the electoral act and the modern improvements INEC has brought to bear on the election process. For those with such puerile argument, let us help them out of their ignorance.

” You can’t collect people’s PVCS because if you do , you have automatically disenfranchised them. There is no double or multiple voting; you can’t even do it, the BVAS will catch you for the rigger that you are and don’t forget, there are penalties for election offenses. You can’t keep people somewhere with the hope they are going to vote for you at certain polling units on election day; there will be restriction of movement and even at that if your Biometric doesn’t tally when you are accredited before voting, you won’t get near the voting box.

” So, the argument against Aseyori card fell flat in the face of logic and commonsense,” Ibrahim stated.

He said he was coming out to vie for the Senate based on his conviction that Ondo South needs a thoroughbred technocrat with international exposure, a politician with analytic mindset , who has the necessary leverage to ensure the lot of the district is not relegated to the background in the National Assembly where all the important legislations that make for development are made.

On the level of INEC’s preparation for the polls, Jimoh Ibrahim said INEC has shown it is prepared, charging all stakeholders to support the election body for a hitch free, fair and free general elections.

” Let me use this opportunity to encourage those who have not collected their permanent voter cards to take advantage of the distribution at the polling units to go and get their cards so that they can decide our next set of leaders with their thumb,” the Araba of Ikaleland land emphasized.

By – Steve Ovirih

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