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I will Campaign for you to emerge winner at the polls, Olugbo tells Jimoh Ibrahim

Your interest is my interest, Ibrahim to Olugbo

It was a warm exchange of camaraderie and jovial hugs and embraces at the palace of the Prescribed Authority and Paramount ruler of Ugbo Kingdom today, 13th of January, 2023 as the oil magnate and billionare business mogul, Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim CFR and his entourage visited His Imperial Majesty, Oba Frederick Enitiolorunda Obateru Akinruntan, Okoro Ajiga 1, the Olugbo of Ugbo Kingdom, first to thank him for his royal blessing when he came to inform him he was vying at the primaries of the All Progressives Congress for the Senate from Ondo South and second, to inform His Imperial Majesty that he was about to Kickstart the campaign for the Senatorial election coming up February 25.

Dr Ibrahim, CFR, after the royal greetings and introduction of the members of his entourage thanked the Olugbo of Ugbo, Oba Akinruntan, who also doubles as the Chairman, Yoruba Obas Conflict Resolutiom Council, noting that Olugbo is the Custodian of Yoruba heritage.

“Your Imperial Majesty sir, that you are the Custodian of Yoruba heritage as the descendant of Obamakin Osangangan is not in doubt.

“I had visited both Okitipupa and Irele monarchs and one point I had raised in their meeting was that there is the need now more than ever before to visit Yoruba History with Clinical mind set so that people can confidently trace their root without the various distortion and misinformation that fail to fly in the face of social existential realities of Yoruba culture, history and traditions.

“I told them to go and really ponder on the question of the correct place of our ancestry

“Here at the palace of Olugbo, I won’t ask such question because this profound stool and royalty is the Custodian of Yoruba culture and tradition,” Jimoh Ibrahim affirmed.

Taking his audience down memory lane, The Cambridge trained Doctor of Busines said, “the first history of Yoruba land I know is that Yorubas came from Sudan and settled at a place in The North after which they left for Ife. If that was true, the people of Ife should be predominantly Muslims because the Sudanese and the Northerns are Muslims, but that narrative falls flat in the face of reality. ”

Going further, Ibrahim said, “the second narrative is about where the traditional hegemon, Obamakin had played a prominent leadership role as a monarch and community leader in the ancient ‘Ife Oodaye.’ History tells us that Ooni crown was invested on a Prince who came from Benin and after parley and consultation with other Olojas,was crowned, but with a provision that he could be changed by the Obamakin or his descendant based on misconduct or mismanagement of the goodwill of the people.

“And till today, the descendants of Obamakin Osangangan, the ancestry of Olugbo, still plays prominent role in the crowning of The Ooni of Ife,” Ibrahim maintained.

The Araba of Ikale therefore assured ” Alayeluwa, Olugbo of Ugbo Kingdom that when he gets to the Senate, he will move for the establishment of the incontrovertible history of The Yoruba race to silence the needless distortions and contradictions once and for all.

The Ondo South Senatorial hopeful on the flagship of All Progressives Congress, Dr Jimoh Ibrahim said he has returned to the palace of Olugbo to thank him for his prayers, advice and support during the APC primaries and to also to notify him that he wants to start his campaign officially, soliciting further blessings and appealing for his support and the backing of Ugboland and entire Ilaje nation.

He said the Aseyori packs are set to be distributed to party members across the 66 wards making up Ondo South, adding that he has to come and present to the foremost monarchs the packs first for his blessing and acknowledgement.

Pleased by his incontrovertible sense of Yoruba History, Olugbo noted that Dr Jimoh Ibrahim is a bold and courageous Yoruba son, stressing that the stool of the Prescribed Authority of Ugbo Kingdom has elevated him to “Araba of Nigeria.’

“Jimoh and I had come a long way right from our days of engaging in oil business in Lagos. He is a fast paced young man with magic wand and as blessed as he is, he is a humble one who will not because of wealth disrespect the elders.

” I like him for his boldness and courage and for his conviction to tell the truth without fear for whose ox is gored. That’s is the personality we want as our Senator. A Senator that has a vast experience in business, in Law, a cerebral academic; someone who has been making billions over the decades, who will not be overwhelmed by the allure of the National Assembly and who will be able to boldly draw up people centered legislation that will be in favor of his senatorial district; that is the kind of a Senator hopeful that Dr Jimoh Ibrahim is, “Oba Akinruntan enthused.

He affirmed that even while he never campaigned for any politician before, he will campaign for Dr Jimoh Ibrahim, CFR and Jimoh will win overwhelmingly and will be the Senator to represent Ondo South in the Senate after a successful outing in the February 25 General elections.

Olugbo charged all the Olojas, youth leaders and Ugbo Kingdom stakeholders to work for the victory of Dr Ibrahim in the elections, adding that he is assured the Olojas will effect the charge to a logical conclusion.

While thanking Oba Akinruntan, Dr Ibrahim said Oba Akinruntan’s interest as a Senator will be his profound interest, stressing that for a business guru who made an annual turnover of 17 billion naira to return to his ancestral home to be king is a huge sacrifice for Oba Akinruntan and this reflects his love for his Ugbo people, stressing that Olugbo of Ugbo has gifted the Yoruba race an ultra modern palace of international standard, describing the magnificent palace of Olugbo as another indication of the cultural heritage Oba Akinruntan has bestowed the Yoruba people.

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