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Birthdays - Take Aways - May 2, 2020

Happy Birthday, Hon. Abayomi Sheba

The most curious things about them is their surname which i initially thought was an abridged version of an Ikale name. On investigation, I was told, it was the good old name mentioned in the Bible. Sheba was a kingdom in the Bible.

Hon. Abayomi Sheba has an illustrious pedigree: his grandfather brought to Irele, the Oldest Cherubim and Seraphim Church, where he served God and was divinely inspired to change his name to “Sheba”!. His father was a teacher that impacted several generations of Ikale people through teaching. He taught throughout the nick and crannies of most of the villages and towns across Irele’s environment.

Therefore, Honourable Sheba has only come to enrich and consolidate a worthy legacy of service which his forebears has laid! A seed is not always far from the tree. He has redefined leadership and services of which future generations will be proud of. Before him, others have served in Federal Character Commission. Like snake that passed through a rock, they have no trace of any service or footprint, but, the case of Abayomi Sheba is different: He came, he saw ànd conquered!

Like most of his loyalists, followers and admirers, I was disappointed few days ago, that he was not returned as the substantive Chairman of FCC, but, we are consoled that, a generous soul like that of the celebrant can’t be left for long in the wilderness as the reward for great work is more works! We await the next move of God.

It was recorded in the Bible that Queen Sheba gave Solomon the largest gift:

“Queen of Sheba gives King Solomon 120 talents of gold, precious stones and the largest quantity of spices ever brought to Jerusalem (1 Kings 10:10), same way Hon. Abayomi Sheba has given the youths of Ondo state in general and the south in particular, the best gift of lifting them from hopelessness to hope by given to them job opportunities that will enable them to be useful to themselves and their communities. And it’s worthy of note, that beneficiaries of his gesture are grateful and so effusive in their appreciation.

Bible enjoins us to ‘ say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings.’ I therefore declare to you, dear Honourable Abayomi Sheba, that it shall be well with you and your generation, you shall not build for others to occupy. The fruits of your labour, you shall reap.

Happy birthday to a worthy son of Ikaleland.

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