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Trending - November 17, 2020

Breaking: Tension in Ayetoro as the community goes under sea

There is palpable fear and tension in Ayetoro community as it is at verge of being washed away by the surging sea incursion.

Ayetoro, otherwise known as “Happy City” because of the unique and communal lifestyle of its inhabitants, is located in Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State.

Sea ravaged Ayetoro

But today, the community, which is one of about 400 villages and towns that make up the local government area, has lost its happiness with the surging sea incursion ravaging the town.

The community is among oil producing communities in Ondo State where every month, the state collects 13% oil derivation from the federation account.

Ikale Voice can authoritatively confirm that for the past ten years, the community has nothing to show for the 13% oil derivation collected so far.

The big question from residents and lovers of Ayetoro community is, “who will help the community from the ravaging claws of the sea? Government or fishes?

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