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Bamidele Omosehin: The benevolent philantropist celebrates birthday

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By Ogungbemi Adeyemi Orimisan

The quintessential and reputable business guru of international recognition who hailed from Iju-Odo community of Ondo State in Nigeria will be marking yet another milestone as he celebrates his arrival into this world today, February 14.

It is an incontrovertible fact that birthday celebrations all around the world is a day full of funfair, pomp and pageantry but for the global sober moment occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, he decided to celebrate it on a low key with his immediate family and friends in his London home.

Many men born of human; swimming in the stream of opulence live their lives with the attendant pride of affluence; making a cymbal sound of their status. Some men though not born with silver spoons struggle up the ladder of wealth in abundance but get to the top and display nothing but the cruelty associated with the sweats of their Labour. But we have few men that are born with either of the two conditions above but live their lives epitomizing humility, humanity and humaneness (D-3H of Life).

Mr. Bamidele Omosehin is one of a kind (so rare) of the last category. He’s such a world class billionaire gold magnate who though bask in the euphoria of affluence but allow others have a bath in his stream of influence.

No doubt, the renown philanthropist, owner and CEO NVX International Limited , Global Jewellery Consulting and Marketing Powerhouse (www.nvxltd.com) who is also a Real Estates Guru and CEO / Owner Omosehin Properties & Homes local and international is in actual fact an exemplar of everything a man of value can be. He’s adding value first to himself to know how well he can help humanity with the Human Value Chain System and also emplacing such values to better the lives of others.

The launching of the Bamidele Omosehin Foundation (BOF) late last year on 22 December 2020 to be specific during the burial ceremony of his late father, Chief Nathaniel Ilesanmi Omosehin (who was the founder of the “Omosehin All-stars Band” a band of with its hit records in the 70s) is one of the best thing that is happening to humanity through the thoughtful benevolence of the husband of Mrs. Naki Omosehin.

“My foundation among many obvious past achievements into its few months of establishment is concerned with the welfare of the downtrodden, orphans, widows and students who are indigent with high level of academic excellence”, he enthused

Bamidele Omosehin

“My desire to reach out to the poor, the brilliant but indigent children of schooling age and the orphans motivated me to establish the foundation as a means through which these less privileged ones can have their education updated without having to encounter financial hiccups and securing their future.”

The President and founder at the inauguration of the foundation said.

Much can’t be said of the ‘REAL HIM’ for the testimonies of his munificent lifestyle as written with the indelibly celestial ink up there in the deep blue sky are there for all to see.

The Ikale Nation of Ondo Southern Senatorial District pride so much in his sterling leadership qualities, his reserved and technologically driven acumen made the high and mighty speak of his unblemished and pristine repute.

According to an independent account from his people at home who testified of his large heart;

“The world of the needy can’t really describe what he is to our world anymore because he keeps raising the bar each day. Words are insufficient to tell of his generosity, love, support and guide.”

Another anonymous beneficiary of his hospitable gestures have this to say: “One would rather think of the uncountable number of people whose skills he had helped fine-tuned, whose rusty path he had made smooth, whose storming sail he had helped calmed, whose career he had helped shaped, whose home he had helped built, whose destinies he had helped fulfilled, whose dream he had made realized, and whose life he had helped redefined.”

The humble and silent billionaire is said to be man of wisdom, intelligence, humility and bravery that have always prepared his place before kings? What about a mention of his consistency, persistence, and doggedness that remain unbent no matter how tough the situation? Of course, we were born imperfect but he is just incomprehensible.

When asked of his words to the people on this auspicious day of his birth, the billionaire gold merchant said his only consolation is to serve humanity in whichever way he thinks he could ameliorate the suffering of the people.

“Not many are privileged to be where I am. Getting to this level though by dint of hard work is only made possible by God. So, why won’t I use the little I have to better the lives of the masses? Why will I hoard that which God has given me to put smiles on the faces of the people?””February 14 is known to be for the celebration of love all over the world but what’s love? The only acceptable definition of love is giving. That’s why I’m dedicating my life to the service of humanity. I am a personage whose life has been all about God’s amazing grace and compassion. As a Nigerian and a business man, I have seen it all but His grace has been immeasurable over my life and my family. That’s is the more reason I always crave to impact the lives of those who are in the economic disadvantage bracket because I know and understand clearly what it means to lack and not to have at all”,

the celebrant said.

Hinging more on the plans in the pipeline regarding the less privileged, the man of uncommon kindness said;

“My heart is always with children of indigent parents, who have the brains but lack the financial wherewithal to pursue academics without hiccups, widows who have children to cater for but do not have the means to provide for their children, young men who have certificates but do not have jobs and could not make both ends meet. I love to identify with them because I have been there and I know exactly how it feels. That’s the major reason Bamidele Omosehin Foundation (BOF) was established and by the grace of God the Foundation has mapped out specific mandates which it shall achieve and impact positively on the masses, particularly in the Southern senatorial district of Ondo State”,

the birthday boy concluded.

As he climb a step higher onto the ladder of his life, we pray him happiness today and on all the days of his life.Happy birthday to the helper of the helpless and promoter of the development of the Ikale Nation.

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