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Opinion - July 23, 2020

Àwon Bàsèjé – the Spoilers

The primary election of the People’s Democratic Party,( PDP) held on 22nd July,2020, where Eyotayo Jegede SAN, emerged as the candidate of party has come and gone but the memory and intricacies will continue to linger on. Some of my close friends and associates have continue to mimic me on the various social media platforms thinking that I’m downcast.

My friends, I’m not depressed. In my life, I have never regretted any action I took. I don’t even have an iota of regret. I remain focused, determined and more resolute in the quest to liberate our people from this stalemate.

The outcome of the primary election points to one thing alone – that the Deputy Governor, His Excellency Agboola Ajayi is an enigma in the political permutations of Ondo State.

Also, it unveiled these characters, the Yoruba calls ” Àwon Bàsèjé” – spoilers. Àwon Kògbe-kògbe kòjé kí elérù gbe. They know that they can’t win the election but yet they wouldn’t allow others to win. Àwon Bàsèjé.

Two things stand out: that the total number of voters garnered by the other aspirants from the Southern Senatorial District combined couldn’t even measured up with what the Deputy Governor has as an individual, 14+29+33+90+95+175= 436.

Secondly, that if the total number of delegates who voted for different aspirants had voted for one aspirant, the result would have been different. 14+29+33+90+95+175+657= 1,093. This would have been 1,093 against 888. Alas ! Mere ego deprived them all.

I still can’t cope with the reality of a man who plays the spoiler’s role every election circle. Or our ‘Facebook Governor’; what did our uncle with the baritone gain in this polical misadventure ?

My people, if we must emaciate politically, we must avoid this spoiler’s role. Because when you analyse dispersionatly the outcome of the PDP’s primary you would see the role of Àwon Bàsèjé – Spoilers

They spoiled our chance !

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