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SPONSORED - June 12, 2020

365 Days of our Shared Agenda

We have completed the first 365 days in office . We are thankful to God for his grace, kindness, protection and the clear vision he has granted to us thus far. It also our prayer to the Almighty, that we shall access the needed strength and energy to continue to deliver on our social contract with our people in Irele/Okitipupa federal Constituency.

The Journey so far

It is on record that the last one year has been very turbulent. However, there are reasons to be grateful. We were declared winner and returned elected on February 23rd 2019, our victory was however eclipsed by a prolonged legal battle. We went to court in March 2019 and didn’t finish until September. While our sojourn in court was not without substantial financial hemorrhage and energy dissipation, we are however grateful to God and our teaming supporters for the the resultant victory.

In fulfillment of our promises to our people in the area of education and economic libration, we facilitated an entrepreneurship training with the aim of significantly empowering our people to be self-reliant. Between November 2019 and January 2020, hundreds of our people were trained and certificated after acquiring different skills in several areas of modernized commercial farming and entrepreneurship. The certificates obtained is being used to process the much-needed financial resources to achieve the ultimate goal of economic libration. The process is at its completion stage at the Central Bank of Nigeria, in collaboration with German international corporation [GIZ].

Between January 3rd and February 15th , we were able to complete the constituency projects of our predecessor, who has done so well to have the projects in the 2019 budget. The empowerment programs also had hundreds participants in attendance, as coordinated by Border Communities Development Agency [BCDA].

Again, in fulfillment of our promises of extending the frontiers legislative represention and Political participation in the Ikale nation, we appointed 65 constituents across our Political wards, whose allowances ranges from 20 thousand naira to 100 thousand naira, with different assignments and portfolios. This is not only significant but also unprecedented for the incontrovertible fact that, however small, we are determined to touch the lives of our people and their families in the Federal Constituency. Hower, this is in no way intended to diminish the good works of honorable members before us.

Furthermore, in fulfillment of our promise to have a much needed physical presence in our Constituency. A strategically located and fully equipped constituency office at Okitipupa is now ready for commissioning as part of the events to mark our one-year in office. We are optimistic that it will meet the needs and more accurately, bridge the communication gap between the Constituents and their Representative. We expect that queries, suggestions and demands will be channeled appropriately through this facility.


Mindful of the fact that Youth unemployment is a major global challenge from which Nigeria and our federal constituency is no exempted. We have used, and are still using the privilege of our office to support graduates and young people to secure employment in different agencies and administrative divides in the civil service. A good number of graduates from our constituency have been able to secure federal appointments through the support of this office, the last of whose employment letter was issued barely 48 hours ago.

In the last couple of weeks, the office has nominated 150 households for the federal government conditional cash transfer program, another 150 households for the food distribution program and 50 individuals registered on the N-power Federal government program. All in a bid to alleviate the hardship imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. There is assurance that within a short period, these people will begin to benefit from these Federal Government initiative.

The Covid-19 pandemic came with several existential challenges to humanity and our people in the federal constituency are also not exempted. Therefore, In recognition of the limitations the Covid-19 guidelines placed on commerce and other means of livelihood of our people, we saw the need to render support in form of palliatives to cushion the effects of some extreme measures imposed by government due to the infectious disease. Thousands of households were touched by our food distributing initiative, targeted majorly at the over 60’s in our community, being the most vulnerable.

Again, in recognition of the need to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on businesses in the Ikale nation, we have tapped appropriately into a Federal Government Project through the Central Bank of Nigeria loan facility by nominating at least sixty small scale businesses owners and individuals as beneficiaries. We have started receiving reports of the cash disbursements of a minimum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira [250,000.00] to our nominees.

On the 2020 budget, we have technically identified projects that will be of immense benefit to our people, taking into cognizance, our desire to alleviate economic hardship/poverty. To this end, Constituency Projects of about a hundred and thirty million in the 2020 appropriated budget has been designed to help small and medium scale businesses start-up and grow. Equally, the interest women and youths in the area of empowerment were generously incorporated.

I want to use this opportunity to appeal to our people to be patient in allowing the office and the agencies involved to execute these projects. Post Covid-19, there is a reasonable level of assurance that our structured constituency projects enumerated above will go a long way to assuage the impacts of the pandemic on the economic and social well-being of our people.

Furthermore, we shall be uncovering an elaborate educational intervention programs ranging from coaching, extra mural classes, scholarship/ bursary awards and educational tours in no distant time. Most of the responsibilities of Federal Legislature are not apparent, and in most cases, they takes time to come to fruition. But we are determined to ensure we do not disappoint in critical areas, where our people need us the most.

Our health/ Medical outreach programs are set to be launched from July 2020. We are collaborating with Nigeria Medical Association [NMA], The Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria [PSN] and many other international organizations in delivering screening for major chronic diseases, provision of drugs, surgical interventions and mobility aids as needed.

Finally, we believe and unequivocally so, that with regular interaction and continuous consultation, we shall together work towards our shared agenda that will usher in a new dawn in representative politics in our Federal Constituency. We can only achieve this on a well-structured, ideologically based, sound and tested political platform. Again, as a proud member of the People’s Democratic Party [PDP], I want to thank our leaders and party members for the opportunity to serve.

Leadership demands decision making. However, our decisions must be predicated on sound and solid principles that one cannot trade with: the principles of honesty, fear of God, doing what is right and fair, these are the repository and the propelling force, which shape and drive our decisions.

As the Gubernatorial elections {Primary & General Election} draws near in our state, I believe without fear of contradiction, the overriding issue for us as a party [PDP] in Ondo State is to return to Alagbaka. That is when we can effectively and efficiently use the instrument of State Governance to better the lives of our people. It is my conviction that this primary and fundamental position of getting PDP back to power should not be sacrificed for any other considerations.

As I conclude, I want to use this opportunity to thank you all for the privilege to serve and promise to continue to take decisions that are above self interest in doing so.
Long live Okitipupa/Irele Federal Constituency!
Long live The People’s Democratic Party!!
Long live Ondo State!!!
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!

Ikengboju ‘Dele Gboluga
Member representing Irele/Okitipupa federal constituency
National Assembly, Abuja.

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