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Crime - 4 weeks ago

17-yr-old boy dies after smoking too much ‘colorado’ substance in Ondo

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A boy identified as Joshua ( Surname withheld) has died in Oba- Ile, Akure North local government area of Ondo State, after smoking a substance known as colorado.

Colarodo is a dangerous smoke common among guys who take it to heighten their spirit.

The boy, it was gathered is fond of smoking the substance with his colleagues.

The 17year old Joshua died on Sunday after puffing three times in order to feel high.

It was gathered that the boy broke down after taking the stuff.

He was said to have gone into coma for two days and didn’t wake up.

He finally gave up the ghost while being rushed to the hospital by his mother.

Colorado is a drug made from a synthetic plant, it is said to contain heavy metal that is not suitable for human consumption.

 The Users will keep muttering rubbish, be unable to be still and lack of control over every part of their bodies.

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